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Orion® Electral Dermal Screening

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Alt Med Services successfully uses the Orion System for Computerized Electral Dermal Screening. This technology has become a popular method of patient screening in many clinics around the world. Electral Dermal Screening really amounts to a physical from a Chinese point of view. Using Chinese acupuncture points known and recognized for thousands of years, energy levels are measured and recorded as they relate to various organs and organ systems. These readings will relay the information from the body of either balance, inflammation, or deficiency. Then, if needed, an appropriate nutritional and/or lymphatic program can be outlined to help restore the body back to balance.

The Orion System

The Orion System is a computer system designed for Star Tech Health Services, LLC for the purpose of conducting professional Electro-Dermal Screening. Although it uses many traditional acupuncture points and Voll measurement points, CEDS screening is non-invasive. The Orion System utilizes pathometry-the measurement of disturbed electron flow inside the body. Measurements are primarily obtained at acupuncture sites on the hands and feet. The Orion System is 6th Generation CEDS technology and is the featured unit in the Millennium Series being offered by Star Tech Health Services. Featuring state of the art electronics and Windows based software, the combined unit is expected to make a major impact on the market. The Orion software was previewed at a recent conference with unanimous approval of those in the audience. Many commented of the ease of operation and many functions that was previewed.

What does the Orion System do?

It is a "data acquisition process" used to determine the areas of electrical imbalance in the body. It allows the doctor to conduct an "interview" with the body's organs and tissues, showing much about the functional status of those areas. It shows how much stress an organ is under and can guide the doctor on what will eliminate the imbalance. It measures electrical currents in the body, much like an EKG machine measures the electrical activity of the heart. It monitors the progress of therapy, eliminating a great deal of trial and error.

How does the Orion System work?

To begin with, you must understand the operation of an ohm meter. Why? Because the Orion System design requires the inclusion of ohm meter circuitry to function. An ohm meter is a tool used by electricians and technicians to determine the amount of resistance between two points of a circuit. That circuit can be as simple as a single piece of wire or as complex as the nervous system of the human body. The resulting measurement is determined by establishing the resistance to electron flow through the circuit. The patient begins by grasping the brass electrode in their hand. This brass probe is actually the negative lead and is the source of the minute electrical current (5 volts). The electron flow which enters the body is dependent on the load (resistance) of the body. Because a complete electrical path must be established to obtain a reading, a second probe must be placed at another point on the body. The second probe is identified by its unique pencil-like shape. This probe is placed on the skin's surface at various acupuncture points (more correctly termed "Data Access Points") to complete the electrical flow. The force necessary to contact these points is negligible and does not require the skin to be punctured. The instrument then measures the amount of electrons that flowed while the circuit was closed. This amount represents a conductance value which is automatically displayed on the screen by the computer's software.

What do the readings indicate?

The Orion System has been designed to send an electric current through electrical pathways or meridians recognized by scientists throughout the world. Numerous pathways (meridians) have been identified and verified by hundreds of years of of use within the science of acupuncture. Other meridians have only recently been discovered through the efforts of modern science. Each pathway corresponds to organs or systems within the body itself. After an electric current has been introduced to a pathway, the ohm meter within the Orion System reads the resistance and then converts it into conductance according to Dr. Voll's 100-point scale. An optimal reading is 50. Stable readings of 50 indicate a patient with a good health pattern whose body systems are "balanced." On the other hand, if a patient does not receive optimal readings, an energy imbalance has been detected.

What can be done if an energy imbalance is found?

When an imbalance is discovered, the focus of the imbalance can be determined and steps can be taken to initiate a re-balancing. This is accomplished primarily by accessing product and information database libraries included with the Orion System. These computerized libraries assist the user in determining how to balance the meridians found to be out of balance. The practitioner's knowledge of human physiology also plays a vital role in the balancing procedure. Recognizing which organs or systems have an energy imbalance establishes the focal point of an imbalance. After balancing the focal area, the other out-of-balance meridians are treated in order of their importance to the body.

Who uses Computerized Electro-Dermal Screening?

  • medical doctors
  • doctors of chiropractic
  • naturopathic doctors
  • homeopathic practitioners
  • doctors of dentistry
  • doctors of veterinary medicine
  • doctors of osteopaths
  • acupuncturists and many more licensed healthcare professionals


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