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Lymphstar Pro ®

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History & Application: The lymphatic system is a complicated network of vessels, ducts, and nodes that moves fluid between the cells and tissues, and distributes the infection fighting and scavenging cells of the body. When functioning properly, it effectively cleanses the tissues and eliminates toxins from the body. These functions are critical to vibrant health! We call it the "information highway of the immune system" paving the way to maintaining life in humans and animals.

Lymph vessels can become clogged with protein deposits leading to sluggish flow (congestion) and impaired function. The causes of lymphatic congestion range from injuries and surgery, inactivity and poor diet, to emotional/ stress states, environmental toxins, hormone imbalance, and normal aging processes. When this state occurs the blockages cause a backup in the flow of lymphatic fluid, resulting in swelling or edema in the tissues and in various kinds of "symptoms." Consequently, toxic waste matter cannot effectively be released from the body, nor can the immune system function at optimum performance. The result is a wide range of dysfunction and disease.

A therapeutic technique known as manual lymph drainage was developed in Europe about 100 years ago. Through delicate massaging techniques, it was highly effective at reducing lymph-based disorders through the subsequent detoxification process. However, this therapy is tedious, time intensive, and requires extensive training and experience to administer correctly.

Within the last decade, a new form of electronic instrument was found to assist and amplify the effects of manual lymph drainage, reducing the time and complexity of the therapy. Some therapists immediately noted that the therapy was 8 times faster with the device! This instrument is called the Lymphstar Pro®.

Proven over time as a safe and effective tool, this exceptional instrument may be helpful for any imbalanced condition of the system as part of a holistic approach to health restoration or maintenance. It is compatible and synergistic with all forms of naturopathic medicine, bodywork and structural therapies, bio-energy medicine techniques, and under the advice of a physician, medical care. Persons with serious conditions are encouraged to seek the advice of their personal health care practitioner before using the Lymphstar Pro®.

Users of the Lymphstar Pro® include naturopaths, body workers, chiropractors, colon therapists, spas and estheticians, veterinarians, dentists, lymphatic therapists, and owners of performance horses. Many physicians are now recommending patients for lymphatic therapy. If recommended by a physician, the treatment can be billed for insurance coverage. There are some contra-indications and training is highly recommended.

The Lymphstar Pro® and the International Voltage portable models are sensibly priced and come with a one-year warranty on parts and labor exclusive of damage or accident by the owner. The cable connection to the transmission head is durable yet extremely flexible for ease of use. The exterior cases are manufactured from prime, high-density polyethylene. All components are of the highest quality.


  • Improves edemas, fibrotic conditions, and swollen lymph nodes. Some conditions reported to have benefited from therapy include breast lumps, inflammation, chronic pain, joint aches, allergies, sinus, respiratory problems, headaches, prostate problems, hormone imbalance and chronic female conditions, dental trauma and chronic problems, heavy metal toxicity, neuromuscular trauma, immune and fatigue syndromes.
  • Excellent adjunct to manual lymph drainage techniques to open lymph system and improve fluid flow and accelerate detoxification of tissues.
  • Reduction of pain due to lymphatic conditions.
  • Prevention of breast and prostate problems.
  • Pre- and post-athletic applications to increase performance and decrease muscle and tendon strain.
  • Provides relaxation, emotional balance, feelings of wellbeing, and increased energy.
  • Veterinary applications can be treated in an equivalent manner as humans. Equine use for the reduction of post performance stress/strain and healing of injury.
  • Cosmetic enhancement by the reduction of fluid deposits in the face, healthier skin, supporting all cellulite reduction therapies, and post-procedures such as micro-dermabrasion.
  • Clears and re-balances the energy field of health care practitioners after working with clients. This is especially important for body-workers.


The science of modern physics and theories of quantum physics have opened the doors to serious scientific inquiry into the use of vibrational energies for health. The term "vibrational energy medicine" has been used as a new paradigm for healing. It applies to the Lymphstar Pro® and may be defined as an evolving viewpoint of health and illness that takes into account all the many forms and frequencies of vibrating or oscillating energy that constitute living things and indeed all matter.

Although medicine today uses high-energy modalities such as x-rays, ultrasound, and powerful lasers, it has not acknowledged more subtle energies, such as sound, harmonics, color, non-coherent light, and bio-energy as relevant to health. However, research has shown that cells emit and receive light and sound. Even the enzyme functions of the mitochondria of cells have been measured by a scientific instrument called the electro-spectrometer and shown to have a "peak spectral absorption wavelength" (or an exact light frequency). These and other new discoveries are consistently supporting the validity of the "vibrational energy medicine" paradigm.

The Lymphstar Pro® emits energetic "information" to the body via harmonics of sound and frequencies of light to the energy field of the cell. The instrument produces this "information" through the vehicle of "noble gas ionization." A mixture of xenon, argon, and krypton gases enclosed in glass is used for optimal results. The gases are electrically excited which then cause an energy field, or plasma, to emit from the glass tube onto the skin.

Ionized noble gas technology, in general, was found to be effective at re-polarizing the electrical charge of proteins circulating in the lymphatic fluid. This promoted a better flow to the system and drainage of tissues through natural channels. As randomized polarization makes it more likely that blockages will occur in the lymphatic system, re-polarization can be critical to the health of the individual. The Lymphstar Pro® has an optimal circuit design for this purpose. Thus, use of the Lymphstar Pro® results in an induction of helpful vibrational energies that encourage a healthier state in the person!

The repetition of the pattern of frequencies in the Lymphstar Pro® circuitry is so complex as to not repeat the same pattern for 17 years as plotted with a computer - this is exclusive to our product . A 17 year repeat cycle insures that the adaptation effect is minimized, if not eliminated. The body will adapt to any signal which is repeated over time. The same is true with drugs or other remedies. Lymphstar Pro® technology keeps the frequency information complex enough so that there is virtually no adaptation.

The Lymphstar Pro® provides adjustability with both intensity (high to low strength of energy) and pulse rate (range of frequencies). Pulse rate variability is our latest feature - and it is exclusive to our product . The digital controller provides a wider range of frequencies and allows one to fine-tune the therapy to each individual and/or problem.


The Lymphstar Pro® is a therapeutic, vibrational instrument with a unique combination of energetic modalities. They are: 1) physical vibration with sonic, or acoustic, waves, 2) an electro-static field; and 3) electro-pressure created by the use of multiple treatment points. All of these emissions are extremely low in energy so they are gentle and safe. Subtle energies like these may be called "vibrational energy," as they are at a level more perceptible to the energy system, or bio-field, than more aggressive modalities used to treat the body. However, by their very nature, the lymphatic vessels tune into and respond beautifully to this kind of energy!

First, the pulsating sounds that are heard coming out of the control unit and from the therapy heads are the sonic, or acoustic, waves. The therapy heads of the Lymphstar Pro® deliver these vibrations through the surface of the Pyrex glass emitters within the heads. This acoustic wave-front delivers thousands of micro-pulsations into the skin, and creates a gentle, pulsing pressure. It is specifically engineered to replicate the type of motion used in manual lymph drainage, but with an extremely rapid sequence of pulses that cannot be done by hand! If you place a therapy head on your cheek, the pulses are especially easy to feel. By their very nature, your lymphatic vessels perceive it even more! And you can tune the pulses to vary in intensity with our exclusive, digital, pulse-rate control feature for different applications. The slower the rate of the pulses, the less intense the treatment.

Second, vibrational, or energy is further transmitted through a mild electro-static energy field that impinges on the skin of the user, and is transmitted through the glass tube as well. This allows dilation of the vessels via the sympathetic nerves to establish a current flow, from arteriole, to plasma fluid, to lymph vessel. The use of noble gas-filled tubes for this purpose is a safe and time-tested technology, long being used for its dermatological effects in cosmetic devices.** We are applying this electro-static energy in a new manner with the Lymphstar Pro®, by combining it with acoustic vibrations!

And, the third dimension of the Lymphstar's technology is achieved by using multiple treatment points and our pulse-rate controller. By placing two treatment heads at different locations on the body, you generate a "field effect" over the entire area between the heads. We call this effect electro-pressure. With thousands of micro-pulsations vibrating at two locations at the same time, the response is to elicit a wider stimulation of flow within the lymphatics! And, you can vary this pressure by changing the pulse-rate and/or the intensity dial. Thus, this innovative technology provides lymph stimulation as a stand-alone therapy. Or it may be combined with manual massage techniques for a new, highly effective modality.

** Noble/rare gases are all present in the atmosphere. They are isolated and used in many applications from neon lights and flashlight bulbs to skin treatment devices. Electricity is used to "excite" the gases within a vacuum, similar to a neon light bulb. The Lymphstar Pro® utilizes the gases Xenon, Argon, and Krypton in a proprietary combination within a Pyrex glass tube.


The setting that is most often used for general application will include a numerical setting of 5 to 7 and an 11:00 dial setting.

When one pushes the top button, the numbers will go lower till it reaches zero, the fastest rate of output. When one pushes the bottom button, the numbers will go higher with 9 being the slowest rate of output. Turn the unit on, set the intensity dial to 5 to 7 and listen to the sound of the machine. Note the difference in sound as the machine is adjusted, either higher or lower.

The higher numerical setting, toward 9, makes the pulse much slower. The information contained in the frequencies is less compressed. This would make the therapy more soothing or relaxing. This setting, along with the dial turned all the way to the left, would be the optimal setting for someone that is very ill or highly toxic. We would gradually increase the output over several treatments.

The lower numerical settings, such as 0, 1, or 2, put the frequencies at a highly compressed rate. The information delivered will be more stimulating and more concentrated, working at a deeper level. This setting is better for breaking up deeply congested areas, such as a resistant breast cyst or node. It could also be helpful in cellulite therapy, but would not be used for the first 2 sessions.

It is critical to assess the condition of each client before using the more aggressive settings. Even when treating an injury, such as an arm or leg, one should assess the complete condition of the client.

Use the 5 to 7 numerical setting and the 11:00 dial setting while you are learning to use the instrument, unless the person is very ill or toxic. If very toxic or ill, the 7 to 9 numerical settings and a 9:00 dial setting would be more appropriate.

One of the many strengths of this machine is that you can set it to the lowest of the low settings or whatever setting you feel will work best for the individual. The ability to adjust your therapy as the need arises is critical. No two people will respond the same way. As you become accustomed to the various settings, you will become more confident in which setting you will choose for the individual client.

After years of extensive research, Dr. Cory Carter developed a simple, but effective, way to move the lymph. The Carter Technique for Lymphatic Drainage couples the sophisticated technology of the Lymphstar Pro® with manual therapy to provide measurable results.

The Carter Technique for Lymphatic Drainage is taught in 3 separate levels, each course lasting four days. All earn CEU credits from the AMTA or credit hours from the International Academy for Naturopathy. Courses are taught by professional lymphatic therapists in private practice. It is not necessary to own the Lymphstar Pro® to take the training. Training Schedule

Lymphatic Therapy Training Classes
are offered several times a year.

We use the LymphStar Pro ® and other
photonic and vibrational energy therapies
to help the body over-come imbalances.


Dr. Cory Carter has developed unique
and effective techniques for Lymphatic
Therapy & Drainage.

Lymphatic Therapy Training Classes are offered several times a year.

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